Sunny day

You've got a friend at Laugardalur

The park and Zoo offers up great fun for the whole family all year round.

Not just farm animals

There are a lot more animals at the zoo than most people think. Icelandic farm animals, mammals from the country's wildlife, in addition to a small exhibition of reptiles, amphibians and insects.

Fun for everyone at anytime of the year

Playgrounds are open in the summertime as well as on the weekends during the winter, weather permitting. Castles, zip-lines and other equipment are always open. It's also nice to just stroll around in the beautiful surroundings.

Smile wide

Let's have fun together at the park and zoo. Every year nearly 200,000 guests get the biggest smiles in town.


The restaurant serves food all year and there's a shop open too in the summer. An electric grill is available for all guests to use, perfect for grilling up some simple dishes.

The Zoo

Our specialty is of course Icelandic farm animals, particularly the ones that have been here since the country was settled. The zoo also has wild Icelandic animals and a special exhibition with exotic species.

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The Family Park

During the summer, the park's playground equipment is open. In the winter, there's also a good deal of fun options to enjoy.

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