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Goodbye to the surfer Snorri

9 December 2021

Brimillinn Snorri allur

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Goodbye to the surfer Snorri

Recently, the inevitable thing happened that the surfer Snorri, who has lived in Húsdýragarðurinn since 1990, said goodbye to this earthly existence and went to meet his fathers. Snorri reached a high age, but he was born in 1989 and was therefore thirty when he said goodbye. In the last few months, Snorri had shown signs that his age had begun to change and his health was deteriorating rapidly in recent days. Landselsbrimlar will, as far as possible, usually not be much older than 25 years. The herbs can be somewhat older, but the stalks of Kobbi and Særún who have stayed with him in the garden are the same age as him. The trio were therefore the oldest animals in the park born just before the opening of the Zoo.

It was fitting that Snorri’s name, violinist Helge Snorri Seljeseth, came recently and played light violin tunes for the seal, but he was baptized in his head.

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