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The heaviest animals in the garden having fun

14 May 2019

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The heaviest animals in the garden having fun

Today (Tuesday 14 May) when we are all excitedly waiting for the Hate Party to take the stage in Tel Aviv and compete for Iceland in Eurovision, the cattle of the Family and Animal Park were excited about that and one other thing. In the afternoon, they got to go out on the green grass for the first time this summer. Every day, the animals that tolerate it go out every morning to air themselves while the outhouses are cleaned before opening. The outdoor life lengthens considerably day by day in the spring, but when you have applied fertilizer to the grass and it has sprouted enough, you can start allowing grasshoppers to go and enjoy. For the first few days, they can only be allowed to stay on the grass for a short time so that the feed changes do not become too great. The outdoor life on the grass lengthens steadily during the grazing period. Animal shepherds have gradually been extending their outdoor activities for goats, sheep and horses, while cattle have only had to wait.

There is usually a lot of excitement when cattle go out for the first time in the spring. Bouncing and bouncing all over the earth, despite being large and expensive, sometimes the access is so great that the earth trembles from them.

You can see a video of the unusually lively first outdoor activity this spring on the park’s Facebook page.

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